Babies spit up (7 effective remedies to reduce this)

Most mothers are concerned about their babies when the baby spit up. Some infants spit up a little but some infants spit up more frequently. But the main point is that it is normal the babies.

Reason of spit up milk

Babies spit up milk because they gulp down some air with milk ( breastfeeding or formula). Secondly, there is a muscle between the esophagus and the stomach which acts as a valve that isn’t developed. It developed slowly. Every individual is different but mostly in 12 months babies stop spitting up milk.

Is spit up affect your baby’s growth

No, spitting up is not harmful to your baby. It is normal in babies. If you feel the baby is uncomfortable and cry a lot then you should consult with your doctor.

How to reduce spit up

There are some simple steps to reduce spit-up.

Correct Position during feeding

The feeding position is important, so make sure the baby’s head is higher than the stomach during feeding, and after feeding keep your baby in an upright position for at least 30 min.

Burp your baby

Burp your baby between and after feeding. It is very necessary for babies. It makes the baby comfortable because gulps air during feeding which makes gas. There are some ways to make your baby burp. Sit up and hold your baby against your chest. or lay your new-born on your lap on his/her stomach.

Choose correct formula according to your baby

Sometimes some specific formula milk is not suitable for your baby. It can make gas and baby spit up more. So you should check this and if you feel something like this then you can consult with your doctor and change formula milk.

Mother diet effect the baby

Mother feed is the best for infants. If the baby is on the mother’s feed then the mother’s diet affects the baby. So mothers should eat healthy food. Some food is not good for babies and it makes babies uncomfortable. with gas. like fast food, spicy food, etc. Mothers you should eat light and healthy.

Do not overfeed your baby

You should not overfeed your baby. If you fill the baby’s stomach too much then the baby spit-up. more than normal.

Choose correct bottles

If you feed your baby with a bottle, you should choose an air-free bottle for your little one. You can select slow-flow nipples or bottles.

These are some steps to make the baby comfortable and to reduce spitting up. I hope this is helpful for you. If you want to know about home remedies to cure gas problems in babies, you can check Home Remedies For Gas Problems In Babies(8 effective home remedies)

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