Babies spit up (7 effective remedies to reduce this)

Most mothers are concerned about their babies when the baby spit up. Some infants spit up a little but some infants spit up more frequently. But the main point is that it is normal the babies. Reason of spit up milk Babies spit up milk because they gulp down some air with milk ( breastfeeding … Read more

Top 10 Food Ideas For 6 Month Old Baby(Nutritious and Amazing food Ideas)

Baby takes only mother-feed or formula milk in the early six months. 6 month old baby starts solids. It is an exciting milestone. At that time parents want to about food for their baby, what solid food to introduce first etc. There are many questions in their mind. Here is everything you want to know … Read more

Fastest 10 Ways to Cure Baby Cold and Cough with Home Remedies (Effective Natural Remedies)

Cold and cough is a common problems in children especially during winter and rainy seasons. Parents face this problem and sometimes they consult with doctor. When New born babies suffer with such diseases, then home remedies can work efficiently. There are many home remedies for cold and cough in babies. All remedies are natural and … Read more