First Aid Kit For Babies (6 important medicines )


A baby’s first aid kit should be prescribed by your doctor. Babies first aid kit is so important because sometimes babies suffer from minor problems like fever, gas problems, blocked nose, etc. Here are a few tips on what your kit will need.

The thermometer should be a part of the first aid kit

You can use a digital thermometer for the babies. It gives an accurate result. You can put this thermometer under the armpit of your baby and check after the beep. It is easy to use.

Paracetamol Drops

Paracetamol drops are important in your first aid kit. Sometimes if a baby suffers from a fever, you should be ready for this situation. Consult with your doctor for medicine.

Nasal Drops

It is common for babies to suffer from blocked noses. Temperature change can cause this problem and make baby cranky and uncomfortable. You can use nasal drops as prescribed by your doctor. Baby nasal drops are not harmful. Put one drop in the nose and it makes your baby comfortable. If the baby, ‘s nose is blocked then he/she can not feed, so it should be the main part of your first aid kit.

Tummy Roll On (Roll On)

You can apply this roll on on baby’s tummy. This is a hing roll-on because hing is good for gas problems. It gives comfort to your baby. You should consult with your doctor before using this.

Vitamin D3 Drops

Our mothers and grandmothers always said that early morning sunshine is good for babies because vitamin D3 is important for the body. The doctor gave vitamin D3 drops to my baby. The doctor advised this medicine for one year. If your doctor prescribed this medicine, please put it in your kit.

Drops for colic Problem

Colic problems are common in babies. because newborn babies’ digestive system is not developed. sometimes baby feels uncomfortable. There are ways to feel comfort to your little one like burping, correct feeding, etc. So this medicine should be a part of your first aid kit.

Rash cream

Babies need rash cream for the diaper area. Sometimes babies suffer from rashes and start crying. It is painful for your little one so use rash cream for the diaper area and make your baby happy.

There are some ideas for your first aid kit for your little one. This is according to my experience, please consult with your doctor for medicine. If you want to know about home remedies for colic problems in babies you can check Home Remedies For Gas Problems In Babies(8 effective home remedies) I hope this is helpful for you.

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