12 food Ideas For Kids (tasty and healthy food ideas)

How can make healthy and tasty food for kids. Parents suffer with this question. Now children do not want to eat healthy food so it is necessary that start healthy food from childhood. If we develop healthy food habits then do not eat too much fast food. Mothers want to know about different and tasty food ideas. Here you can know about some food tips for kids.

Idli is a good food idea

Idli is one of the most healthiest and famous South Indian dishes. These are soft light steamed food. You can make simple or stuffed idli. You can make it from dal rice or suji. Idlis can be made with a mix of dal and rice making it more healthy for your little one.


Dhokla is made from gram flour. It is a very tasty and healthy food idea. You can make it for your little ones. It is rich in protein, and fiber. It is ideal for breakfast or an evening snack.


Dosa is a good healthy option for kids. You can make it from suji or rice and dal. One other option is mixed dal dosa which is the healthiest option like channa dal, masoor dal, moong dal, urad dal, and rice. make it and stuff it with potato mixture or paneer, according to your kids.


You can give uttapam to your kids. It is made from suji or dal and rice batter. You can make it with oats flour. Children will love it. You can serve it with chatni. It is a healthy breakfast option for the whole family.


Upma is made by suji (semolina). It is easy to make and a healthy option for you. You can make it in a few min. You can add vegetables according to your choice. It is a South Indian dish.


Poha is a nutrient food. It is a good option than cereals. You can add peanuts and vegetables to this recipe. It is very easy to make and a healthy food option for kids. It is also good for the whole family. so make it and enjoy it with your family in breakfast or evening snacks.

Stuffed Parantha

It is a very tasty and healthy meal. You can make it from all types of vegetables like cauliflower, fenugreek, paneer, spinach, peas, potato, radish, carrot, onion, etc. Make it from whole wheat flour. You will enjoy it.

Maize flour roti

It is high in Protein. You can serve it with curd or chatni. Make a dough with warm water and you can add any vegetable according to your choice. AND serve this yellow roti to children. you can make it green with Spanish or fenugreek. Children will love this colourful roti.


Chilla is a healthy food for the whole family. Make it from gram flour. You can add vegetables to it. It is very easy to make. One more change you can make in this recipe is that you can add some suji in gram flour. Serve it with chatni.


Dalia is the healthiest option. You can make it salty or sweet according to your choice. If you make sweet dalia then mix dry fruits and if you make salty dalia, mix vegetables in it. It is a good food option for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You can make it any time.


Oats are very easy to make. You can make it sweet or salty. It is according to your choice. Add vegetables in salty oats and seeds, and dry fruits in sweet oats. Children will love it.


Children do not like kichdi, but it is a good healthiest food option. Make it with lots of vegetables and serve it with curd. No doubt children will enjoy this meal.

I hope this is helpful for you. Food is a major concern for mothersespeciallyy when we want to give healthy food to babies. Now there are some good food ideas for you. I hope your children will like these food ideas. For6monthsh baby food ideas you can check Top 10 Food Ideas For 6 Month Old Baby(Nutritious and Amazing food Ideas)

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