Games for kids (14 amazing games to reduce screen time)

How to reduce screen time? This is a major concern for parents. Now children spend their time on the phone and TV. Parents should spend some time with kids as well as give some other game options. Some interesting activities can solve this problem. You can play some indoor and outdoor games with your kids. Make a balance in your child’s activities. There are some interesting gaming ideas for kids.

Cooking Show

You can involve your kid in cooking. Make your child’s favourite dish and involve him/her. It is helpful for you and your kid. This activity helps to make your child independent. Make it a fun activity for your children.

Reading Games

You can give a beautiful storybook to your kid. Books are human’s best friend. Motivate your kid to develop a love for books. You can gift a book with lots of pictures. Kids love it.

Hide And Seek

It is a child’s favourite game. You can play with your kids, no doubt you will enjoy this game.

Musical Chairs

Put your chairs in a circle While the music plays, everyone dances or runs around the chair. When the music stops then everyone should sit on a chair. One person who does not have a chair is out of the game. Elders and children both enjoy this game.


You can play this game with two people or two groups. One person drew a pic and the other one guessed what he/she drew within the given time limit.

Make Shapes with Clay (play dough)

You can give clay to your kids. Mostly kids enjoy this game and they will make different shapes with this. You can also join them.

Bubble Making

You can gift a bubble maker to your kids. No doubt your kids will enjoy this gift.

Craft Projects

Give painting brush, paper, and all craft stuff to your kids. They will paint or draw something. This is good for your child’s creative side and it is a good activity.

Carrom Board

The Carrom board is a family game. You can play with your kids and this is a game your children will enjoy the most.


If your children are over 4 years old, you can play ludo whit him/her. This is a perfect game for kids. Mostly elders also play this game. Do not give a phone for this game. You should buy a Ludo board game for family time.

Nature Walk

Nature walk is a good option. Children enjoy time in the park. You can go to any park near to you. This is necessary for your kids Because most children stay at home or go to school, with no outdoor activity. Fresh air is also important for kids. It is good for your child’s health.


Gardening is a meaningful fun learning activity for kids. Kids have the opportunity to learn about nature, plants, the environment, etc. So you can involve your kids in gardening.

Hot potato

It is a fun game for kids. Sit in a circle and play music, then pass the potato to the next person. The last person holding the potato, when the music stops, will get out.

Puzzle game

You can give puzzle games to kids. It is good for their development such as decision making and cognitive abilities games. There are a lot of options in puzzle games.

There are some activities for kids. They will enjoy all these games. I hope this is helpful for you. If you want to know about some food ideas for kids you can check 12 food Ideas For Kids (tasty and healthy food ideas).

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