Home Remedies For Gas Problems In Babies(8 effective home remedies)

Some health problems are common in new born like gas problems in babies. It makes babies uncomfortable but parents can solve this problem with home remedies. Sometimes baby needs a doctor’s help. There are some remedies for little ones’ gas problems.

Try A Gentle Feed

Sometimes mothers have overabundant breastmilk and the baby takes feed which is the reason for the blotted stomach. Mothers can try manually expressing some milk before feeding.

Burp Your Baby

One way to relieve your baby’s gas problem is to burp your child. After every feed burp is necessary. You can burp your baby mid-meal and after a meal. There are many ways to make a baby burp. You can sit him/her with your shoulder.

Give Your Baby Tummy Time

You should give tummy time to your baby. It is very helpful to make your little one comfortable. It is good for gas problems as well as for baby development.

Change Your Formula Milk

If you are giving formula milk to your baby then you can change it because sometimes formula milk creates a gas problem. You can try different formulas to find the one that is best for your baby.

Give Tummy Massages

Gently massage your baby’s tummy and make him/her comfortable and solve the gas problem. You should wait for 30 min. after feeding your baby and then massage.

Mother Diet

Sometimes mothers’ diet makes gas in the baby’s tummy. Mothers should take light food which makes baby happy.

Bicycling Motion

Gently hold a baby’s legs and pull them in and out in a bicycling motion. This is good for colic problems. This exercise can be done during massage time.

Apply Asafoetida (hing) Roll on Baby’s tummy

You can apply a hing roll on the baby’s tummy. It is very effective in colic problems. If a hing roll is unavailable, you can mix hing in water and apply on baby’s tummy.

These remedies are helpful in colic problems. But if you feel that baby is not comfortable, you should consult with your doctor. You can check Fastest 10 Ways to Cure Baby Cold and Cough with Home Remedies (Effective Natural Remedies) for cold problems in babies.

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