How Can Start Solids To 6 Months, Baby( amazing facts)

After six months baby starts a new journey of eating food. Now the baby starts solids and the mother’s feed is not enough for the little one and the little tummy wants more food. During this time parents want to know about many things regarding baby food like – which food is good for the baby. Which food should not give to the baby? food recipes etc. Here you can find answers to your many questions.

First-time food when start solids

The first time food should be in liquid form. You can give moong dal soup, rice water, vegetable soup etc. In short, food should be in liquid form, which is easy to eat for little ones.

How many times a day solids can give to baby

In starting solids can give 2 times a day after that 3 times a day. Do not overfeed your baby. Solids are suitable for babies but mother feed is also essential for baby, so you can give solids and mother feed.

Solid food options

There are many options for solid food. You can give food in liquid forms like moong dal soup, vegetable soup, and rice water and other options are suji porridge, rice porridge, Cerelac, mashed potato, sweet potato etc. You can check my article for recipes. Top 10 Food Ideas For 6 Months Old Baby

Is mother feed necessary after 6 months

Yes, mother feed is the most essential part of a baby’s growth. It improves the immunity of your little one. Parents should give the mother feed or formula milk to the baby. Firstly solids should be given two times a day and it should be in liquid form. After that you can add other solids in baby’s diet.

What should avoid

First-year salt and sugar should be avoided. You can give natural sugar like fruits. cow milk should not be given to babies. Mother feed is the best for the little one but if it is not possible because of any reason then you can give formula milk.

Cerelac for 6 months old baby

Yes, Cerelac is a good food option for babies. Do not make it the only food option in the meal. There are many other food options for babies. Cerelac is easy to make food so you can carry it while travelling. Mostly babies eat it happily.

Best fruit for baby

All fruits have different good qualities. You can give mashed apple, banana, pear, sapodilla, sweet potato etc. First steam these fruits and then mashed properly but a banana is a fruit which you can mash without steaming it.

Add carrot in baby diet

Carrot is Healthy food option for baby. Many parents want to know that how can give carrot to baby? It is easy to use in baby food. If baby has just started food then you can give vegetable soup, moong dal and carrot soup. Other wise you can give give carrot puree.

Healthiest food for baby

First of all mother feed is the best for the baby. when we talk about solids then give food in variety. If the baby takes moong dal soup the next day you can provide vegetable soup, mashed fruits etc.

Schedule for baby diet

When the baby starts solids then give them 2 times a day after that give solids three times a day. One thing is important that introduce new food at day time. Because if food gives any problem like gas, you can cure it. Mother-feed or formula milk also include in baby diet.

Curd And Ghee and spices

Curd and ghee both are good for babies. These should include in baby food. Do not give curd at night time. You can add ghee to porridge and dal. Spices are not good for babies. Make simple food for your little one. Add salt if baby is more than one year.

Increase baby weight

If you give good healthy food to the baby then the baby will gain weight. Give a variety of food to baby like mashed fruits, vegetable puree, milts porridge etc.

These are some answers to questions regarding 6 months of baby food. In short give healthy diet to baby and enjoy this special time. Do not overfeed your little one. I hope this is helpful for you.

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