Top 10 Food Ideas For 6 Month Old Baby(Nutritious and Amazing food Ideas)

Baby takes only mother-feed or formula milk in the early six months. 6 month old baby starts solids. It is an exciting milestone. At that time parents want to about food for their baby, what solid food to introduce first etc. There are many questions in their mind. Here is everything you want to know about baby’s first food. You can read about different food ideas. All food options are nutritious for baby.

Moon Dal Soup for 6 month old baby

Moong Dal soup is a good food option for 6 month old baby. You can give a lunch. It is high in protein content. AYURVEDA says that moong dal increases blood circulation because it is rich in iron. Baby can digest it properly. You can make it easily. Take some dal and soak it in water after 15 min wash it and cook dal for your child.


When the baby completes six months you can give him/her curd. Firstly give a tablespoon to see for any allergies and follow the three-day rule. Curd helps gain weight. It is a good food option for the little one.

Rice Water

Rice Water soup has essential nutrients for babies. Rice water is a source of energy for 6 month old baby. When a baby starts solids, we can not give proper solid food Firstly soups are a good option. It is easy to eat.

Vegetable Soup

Vegetable soup is a superfood for a 6 month old baby. It is a good way to ensure nutrition. You can use spinach, peas, etc. It is very easy to make. make some vegetables and cook with lots of water. When vegetables cook properly then mash it and strain the soup.

Semolina Porridge

Semolina (suji) porridge is easily digestible food for tiny tummies. You can ready this porridge easily. Firstly roast suji after that add some water then cook properly. now add formula milk to it. Cow milk is not good for a 6 month old baby.


Cerelac is a good option which is easy to make. Especially if you are going out with your child. You can carry it and make it easily. It gives proper nutrition. to little one. Cerelac is a complete meal. You can give it to 6 month old baby.


Potatoes are a good source of energy. Baby can easily digest. Firstly boil potatoes and then mash properly. now it is ready for your little one. You can add one tsp curd to it, But do not give potatoes in the starting days. Because in the early days, a baby can not eat solid food. Give food in liquid form.

Vegetable Puree

You can give vegetable puree to baby. It is a source of nutrition and easy to make food. Firstly boil some vegetables and mash properly. It is ready for your child. You can make this puree with different vegetables or with one vegetable. like- carrot, potato, sweet potato etc.

Dal Spinach Soup

This is good baby food. Add some spinach leaves to moong dal and cook properly after that mash it. Baby can eat it easily. Dal is full of protein and spinach is good for iron.


Fruits are the main source of vitamins. You can give a variety of fruits to baby like-

  • Banana
  • Dates
  • Pears etc…

All are good for six-month baby. Firstly cook with steam and then mash properly, now it is ready to serve.

All food options are good for a six-month-old baby. But firstly start with soups, after that give solid food. Mother feed is important with solid food. solid food is given two times a day. This is for a six-month-old baby who starts solids. After that, you can give other food also. Do not add salt and sugar before one year. You can check How Can Start Solids To 6 Months, Baby( amazing facts) for more facts about 6 month old baby food. I hope this is helpful for you.

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